I get interior design ideas from my friend

After years of discussion, my husband Marc and I decided to invest in our first vacation rental property.

Over the years, we wanted to take the leap, but something always came up and we decided to take those things as a sign that the time wasn’t right.

So, when everything lined up perfectly and it was all clear, we moved forward with our goal. The rental is a beautiful 2-bedroom condo that’s overlooking a lake. It also has a screened-in balcony which is a huge perk. When we purchased the property, it needed some work, and with the help of his brother, Marc was able to renovate the condo for very little cost. Because we saved so much on the renovations, we had quite a bit of funds to spend on decorating the condo. Marc trusted me to decorate it however I wanted, and with a larger budget, I was able to be a bit more creative. Prior to decorating, I contacted my friend Amanda for some interior design ideas. Over the years, when I needed interior design help with my home, I have always contacted her and have never given me bad advice or ideas. So, I knew she would be the perfect person to consult for interior design ideas. Amanda is so good at her craft that after seeing the renovated condo for 10 minutes, she already had a vision in her head. And the interior design idea that she came up with was out of this world. I am glad that she was able to help me with the condo and after decorating, it was rented in record time.

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