Better doing HVAC work myself

It is easy to look at other people’s lives online and compare them to yours and feel inadequate, but on the surface you have no idea about the reality of their lives.

My life appears drab and boring in comparison to my friends who travel around the world to exotic locations, but I’m not sure if they’re looking for happiness or escaping another life.

I believe my life could be better, but comparing it to others is not the way to get there. It is better to just do my Heating and Air Conditioning tech work and focus on myself rather than look at other local business owner friends and assume that their life is far superior to mine, which it genuinely is not. We are all in the same boat, and everyone has the feeling that something could be better in their life, so I will just try to make mine better and keep moving forward. My greatest loss is Kat, a heating tech I met on the beach one afternoon, though she left me a month later to return to her Heating and Air Conditioning rep fiance and child. Letting go of her has proven to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I remember her giving me some energy-saving tips when my good friend and I met almost two years ago, and it’s strange that I can’t get over such a brief relationship that happened so long ago. I suppose time heals all wounds, so I just have to be patient.

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