Rainy afternoons and cooling technology

This week has been one of those afternoons when I’ve been reflecting on life and where it’s going.

I need to let go of the dark cloud that has hung over me since I lost my father’s inheritance money, which he offered me a year ago.

I am just so sorry I lost it, but I have to forgive myself and move on because dwelling on it isn’t helping me. I have a portion of it stashed away in a stock that, by some miracle, could end up returning the money to me one afternoon. My tepid water boiler needs to be replaced soon, and it’s unfortunate that I don’t have enough money to get one, but I can save up and have a Heating and Air Conditioning technician install the new one for me. Letting go of mistakes is a good way to move on in life, and I’m going to do my best to forgive myself for this one so that I can feel blissful again. I can perform some cooling installations and use the proceeds to purchase the water heating device, and then my good friend and I will be back in business with tepid showers. I’m guessing I’m feeling down because I have been sick with the flu and have spent most of my time alone in my flat. I have a flatmate, but she works as a cooling expert and is gone most of the time for the local contractor. Overall, life is good, and I’ll be back to normal once this cold is gone.



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