Put in a full shift at the heating company

I work seven nights a week to complete these tales.

My workweek isn’t too bad, though, because I only work for about three hours per day, and I no longer have to drive to work in rush hour. I used to work in engineering, which was utterly stressful, but I left the field when I was 32 years old in search of an unusual life. With such a long workweek, I would not have been able to travel the world or experience the performing arts for the past nearly 20 years thanks to that search. Even though the pay for fixing ductwork is far less than that of an engineer, working part-time from my condo is far preferable to working 60 hours a week as an engineer for a local corporation. If I had to be in the office every day at 7am like I was doing in the corporate world, I would never have been able to perform standup comedy in clubs late at night the way I did. Even after 25 years, my other coworkers are still building HVAC systems and counting down the days until retirement, so I would still be there. I now have all of these memories from my roughly 1500 performances in front of audiences across several nations, and I won’t regret not leaving that job when I’m old and retired. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to fully live my life and experience things like I have if I were still working as a full-time heating and cooling device builder. I’m glad I took the chance because of this.