Help when you need it most to save energy

It’s half past one in the afternoon, I’ve been inside the apartment all day, and I need to go outside because I feel like a caged animal that wants to run.

This time, I’ll forego the bike and instead take a long walk to the edge of the universe and back.

This will prevent my legs from becoming as tense as they have been as a result of not walking when night falls and it’s time to sleep. Since I’ve been sick with the flu for a week, I haven’t been working out as frequently as I usually do. It’s not all bad news, though, because my geo heat pump did arrive last night, and once it’s installed, I’ll have heat in this apartment once more. As I still lack energy and don’t want to push myself too much for fear of getting sick again, I will first take it easy for a few more nights. As well as just cleaning the HEPA filter last night, my air quality system is working hard to remove all of the germs in the apartment, so things should be great again soon. Because I didn’t want to let any dust into the apartment or cause my allergies from pollen, which would make it harder to get rid of the flu, I have kept all of the windows in the house closed for the entire past week. Next week, I’m going to hire a heat pump installation technician to help me with this, and by then, I should be able to rest comfortably in my apartment once more.

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