Four air conditioner companies opening

I haven’t gone outside yet because it started raining just as I was about to leave an hour ago.

I’ll write a few more of these tales, and if it continues to rain, I’ll go outside with my umbrella and take a long walk. Since I haven’t exercised in a few nights, it’s been difficult for me to fall asleep at night because my legs keep twitching and I keep tossing and turning. I need to get some exercise. However, I believe a half-hour walk should allay that worry, and this neighborhood business is situated just far enough from my home for me to walk there and visit an old friend. I’ll try to work out later when it stops raining, but after being sick with the flu for the past week, I doubt I’ll have much energy. My dear HEPA filter salesman explained to me that this is a cleansing and that I needed to fall ill in order to get rid of the old me and make room for a new one. I simply want to resume playing music in our band in the same respectful manner that my great friend and I used to do, as well as get back to writing new music. I am an expert in air conditioning, but I can’t do much in this condition. I will rest for a few more nights, and then I should be ready to work for the new company once more and resume my normal life. I’m appreciative that my body has recovered from this nasty cold and that my immune system is still robust.



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