No comparing as well as no smart thermostat

It goes without saying that looking at other people’s lives online, comparing them to your own, and feeling inadequate are all natural reactions, but you have no idea what their lives are really like on the inside.

  • In contrast to my friends’ lives, which seem much more exciting and exotic as they travel to far-off places, I am unsure if they are seeking happiness or seeking to escape their current lives.

Although I believe my life could be better, comparing it to others’ lives is not a productive way to move in that direction. Instead of comparing my life to that of my other local business owner friends, which it clearly isn’t, it is better to just focus on my own Heating and Air Conditioning technician work. We’re all in the same situation, and everyone believes that their life could be better in some way, so I’ll just try to improve mine and keep going. My greatest loss is Kat, a heating technician I met on a beach one day, even though he left me a month later to return to his HVAC representative spouse and child. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to let go of in my life so far is turning out to be his. When my great friend and I first met almost two years ago, I still recall him giving me some energy-saving advice. I also think it’s absurd that I can’t let go of a brief relationship from that time period. I believe that time will heal all wounds, so I must be patient.
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