Rainy nights as well as cooling technology

One of those nights where I reflect on life and where mine is going is this week.

  • The dark cloud that has followed me ever since I misplaced the inheritance money my father gave me a year ago must be let go.

I just feel so bad for losing it, but I need to move past it and forgive myself because dwelling on it constantly is not helping. A small portion of it is hidden away in a stock that, by some miracle, might one day result in my receiving the money back. I need to replace my hot water boiler soon, and while it makes me uncomfortable that I don’t have much money to do so, I can find a way to save up for it and have an HVAC technician install the new boiler for me. I’m going to try my best to forgive myself for this mistake so that I can move on with my life and feel happy once more. Letting go of mistakes is a great way to move on in life. I can perform some cooling installations and use the money I make from them to pay for the water heater, which will allow me to resume taking hot showers. I believe that part of the reason I am feeling a little down is that I have had the flu and have spent the majority of my time alone in my apartment. I share an apartment with a man who works as a cooling specialist and spends most of his time away from home working for a local company. Overall, life is great, and once this cold is completely gone, I’ll be back to normal.


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