Heating and cooling repairs will be done next week

Now that the rain has started, I guess my bike ride to the beach is over. According to the forecast, it will continue for another two hours before it ends, so I will continue working online while finishing up my daily tasks before leaving. It’s Friday this week, and while I’m sure some beach volleyball players are not happy about the rain, it’s actually a great thing for my great friend and me because we desperately need rain. Nearly a week ago, I became ill, and today it finally seems to be ending. I won’t be performing heating and air conditioning system repairs for the neighborhood business until the following week, and I’m hoping to be in better physical shape by then so I can get back to living my life. It appears that I will have to wait another day before I can leave the apartment and go outside to have some fun since I’ve been stuck inside for the entire week. I need to get some rest because I have to perform some heating repairs and will be working alongside some of the heating and air conditioning technicians next week. By getting enough sleep, I will be able to complete the repairs without exhausting myself. Simply put, I’m relieved that the wicked sore throat is no longer with me because it is not enjoyable to try to work or sleep when you feel like you’re swallowing aluminum foil! The following week, the heating and air conditioning dealership will be closed in order to receive new cooling systems and to replenish inventory, so I will also be off.


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