Expanded and improved home security

A few years ago, a security system provided only basic features.

A beep would sound when a door was opened. If the common code wasn’t punched in suddenly enough, an alarm would sound. There were magnetic sensors and miles of wires concealed inside the walls. The control panel was quite giant and simplistic. While the most substantial aspects of modern security systems are still sensors, alarms and remote alarm monitoring service, replacements include several innovative features. The capabilities of home security systems have greatly expanded and improved. Wireless technology has changed how home security functions. The system is now installed without drilling and remote monitoring doesn’t rely on telephone lines. The wireless cameras and sensors have become much more powerful and dependable. At one time, if an intruder knew enough to cut the telephone wire, the whole security system was useless. WIth wireless technology, this week’s alternatives are protected by a cellular backup. There have also been considerable advances in video and imaging technology. Instead of blurry black-and-white pictures, we now benefit from clear, full-color HD camera feeds. The devices are compact enough to blend into home decor. Remote control allows homeowners to pan and zoom individual cameras to know what’s going on at any time, whether they are on the premises or not. Home automation technology provides real-time information via the smartphone. There is the ability to watch surveillance cameras, record and playback the feed. The same app can turn lights on and off, raise or lower the temperature control setting, lock and unlock doors and arm or disarm the security system.
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