Our home is in a high crime area

My spouse and I were able to afford our first home because the town is right on the cusp of a high crime area.

We got a great price on a fine sized lot and a three kitchen, two powder room house with a connected garage.

Our plan was to spend three years fixing up the area and then sell it at a profit. We saw that there were several properties in the area getting flipped. The town was undoubtedly increasing in value. I felt a bit unsafe in the house. My spouse and I both work long hours. I often return home to an empty house. We considered getting a dog, but we weren’t home enough to handle the necessary care. I wanted a home security system. Although we didn’t intend to remain in the house long-term, I knew that a modern security system would be a beneficial selling point. I was willing to pay the biweekly fee for a monitoring business. I liked having the signs advertising the security corporation visible in the yard. Those signs, along with motion activated lights, helped to deter vandalism and break-ins and anyone approaching the house could clearly see the video cameras mounted on every side. While various properties on our street experienced theft, we had no problems. Anytime anyone knocked on the door, we could check the video feed and see who it was. We had the ability to lock and unlock the doors and turn lights on and off through an app on our phone. If anyone entered without permission, the alarm would sound. The monitoring corporation would make sure the common authorities were dispatched right away. My spouse and I have since sold the house and moved to a much safer city. After buying a new house, one of my first improvements was to have a security system installed.

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