I agreed to go on a date with the HVAC technician

I had just gotten to my job as well as was decreasing clothes so I could start doing my rounds… I am a busy nurse at the general hospital, as well as I prefer my job; both of us had these air quality issues at the doctor’s lounge.

Both of us had notified the service department, which, to my knowledge, had scheduled a session with the heating as well as A/C professionals from the local home service business. Both of us kept away from the lounge for a few days because it was also honestly stuffy, apart from being sweltering! But around midday, the heating as well as A/C servicemen came to repair the heating as well as A/C equipment, but the broken down heating as well as A/C unit needed an urgent repair because it would start affecting the whole-home air purification unit that serves the entire hospital. They were also working on the vents doing the duct cleaning when I passed by on my way to process my patient’s checkout documents, and he was up a ladder holding what looked to be new air filters. I almost bumped into a former colleague because I was staring at this lovely man. He was in his job clothes, as well as looking terrific. I kept checking if they were done fixing the air purification method so that I could talk to him! Right then, both of us gained an accident victim as well as had to attend to him, which took my mind off the handsome air purification professional. After eventually stabilizing the accident victim, I walked to the decreasing room to get out of my blood-soaked clothes when he tapped myself and others on my shoulder. Both of us chatted a bit before he asked for my number, as well as I ecstatically gave it. He then proceeded to the tool and service room. He gave the head service guy the air purification help that would maintain the optimal function of the intelligent central heating as well as A/C as well as maintain good indoor air pollen levels.

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