My son came home from school excited about cooling equipment after a remarkable presentation at school

My son’s class had a career week where various professionals visited them, and on one of the days, they had a cooling specialist.

They walked through the traditional and modern cooling technology, and his most fascinating cooling equipment was the electric heat pump.

For once, he was so excited to tell us about his day at school. Our HVAC installation fell way below the standards he’d seen at school, and he was so sure we needed to visit the HVAC business and buy a new cooling system because ours was doing okay with climate control. He said he wasn’t sure it was enough to help with indoor comfort because it was too old to keep up with all the new technologies. The cooling technician was suddenly his greatest hero; not even his favorite superhero had made him that excited. The excitement was contagious because we started thinking that we probably needed an upgrade, and a trip to the local service provider was organized to build up on the lesson they’d learned and window-shopping for the adults. That excited him because he was curious about what an HVAC business looked like and how big the HVAC contractor team was. At the cooling corporation, my son wanted to see and ask about every little thing he saw, and it helped that their quality AC service team was friendly and the day was not busy for them, so they were able to engage him and also guide us on what would fit our home’s needs. We had a great two hours at the business before returning home with a child, disappointed that we bought nothing. I cannot wait until the day when we finally buy the equipment we need and surprise him with it.


a/c serviceman