The oil boiler is a ghost

My life is a dramatic film. In fact, let me tell you something. The film has dull sections followed by more exciting ones. It’s been a bit dull around here lately, but I’m told that will change soon and things will get interesting again. After a long and tumultuous relationship, I decided to live a monastic lifestyle for 16 months to purify my spirit and bring peace to my mind. Finally, it’s over, and I’m well on my way to regaining the person I was before everything started falling apart. I’m grateful that the local company where I work as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) worker stuck with me when things got rough in my personal life. After a year of relative boredom, I look forward to the arrival of summer and the influx of new neighbors who will hopefully inject some excitement into my life. I’m hoping to play some shows for a new company that manages a number of beach bars this summer; provided the venues have air conditioning, I’ll be happy to make appearances there. With a little more time, I think my friend and I will be on our way to stardom thanks to our band’s impending breakthrough. Until my friend and my band make it big, we’ll have to keep working as heating and cooling technicians for the place we currently work until we can afford to tour the country in our air-conditioned RV. In the meantime, I’ll embrace the upcoming changes and eagerly await the vibrant chapters that lie ahead, ready to bring my life’s dramatic film to its exhilarating climax.