Cat fights and pure air quality

Our cats got into another little fight just now.

When my roommate and I let her dog out of the house, it immediately starts attacking my cats.

My dog, who is only a year old, and her dog just got into another fight, and this time my dog scratched her dog in the nose. Perhaps now that her fatter, older cat has to contend with my younger, swifter cats, it will come to terms with the fact that it isn’t the condo’s undisputed ruler. The business down the street gave me two black cats and warned me to be careful around them because they are untamed animals. Now that my dog has beaten up on her dog, maybe her dog will be less aggressive. Score one for the resident cool black cats. My current HEPA filter is completely clogged up with dog hair and dust, so I will be making a trip to the local heating company to purchase a replacement. A redesign, rather than just a thorough cleaning, is long overdue. I usually do it myself, but I think I’ll just have a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician come out and do the swap for me this time so I can keep an eye on the wild creatures that are running my apartment. One more hour of work, and then I can go to the store and stock up on dog food and other necessities. In the midst of the chaotic animal encounters and overdue HEPA filter replacement, I eagerly anticipate completing my work so I can focus on replenishing my supplies and ensuring the well-being of my furry companions.


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