Getting more aged with my cooling system

Funny, well, not really, but whenever I go out with my bandmate, all the chicks stare at him instead of me.

The fact that he’s about 25 years younger than me tells me that my day as the most dashing man in the room has long since passed. I realize that it is only natural for women to prefer a younger man, so I must accept the inevitable and grow old with grace and dignity. Eventually, I might even consider a facelift. Even though I’m old, I can still find work in the heating and cooling industry, which is great because it keeps me away from bars and clubs where women might get a bad impression of me. Women of a certain age are now the ones who give me side eyes rather than their younger counterparts. My friend and I no longer care what people think of us as long as we can make a living performing music indoors, under climate control. What brings me happiness is not so much the attention of women as it is the act of making music and playing drums while singing. When I was an HVAC technician and visited people’s homes to inspect their air conditioners, I got a lot more attention from women. I’m no longer anyone special, just the old guy who comes over to work on the condo every now and then. Yet, despite my advanced years, I still have the energy and strength to move heavy objects, such as space boilers, without tiring out. As 56-year-olds go, that’s not too bad.