Don’t want to be lazy in the air conditioner this time

In the past few years, since I began prioritizing my health plus wellness, I’ve learned a lot.

When you’ve spent several decades working from home, with the air conditioner on full blast, physiological swings have a delayed effect. At first, I refused to even move from my chair. To counteract the heating as well as air conditioning device at my desk, I invested in one of those desk risers. However, by the time I got home, I was completely spent. It was too sizzling outside, plus I preferred to work out in the relative coolness of my home. All I wanted to do when I got the condo was relax in my recliner plus soak up as much of the home’s air conditioner plus heating as possible. While doing that, all I wanted was for someone to bring me a drink, some popcorn, plus the daily paper. Obviously, that’s not the way to get to a safe level of exposure. The decision to get up plus move around takes effort. To be honest, I didn’t honestly expect any sort of physical reaction from my body for the first eight months. But then again, that’s what a couple of decades of ignoring your health will do to you. It’s the first Spring in decades that I’ve looked forward to, plus I feel great. Because where I live, I get to spend a lot of time in the good outdoors. My buddy and I need to turn on the heat pump to warm our house. This kind of perfect weather occurs frequently here. When it gets colder, I’ll switch to early afternoon plus late night for my outdoor pursuits.

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