I liked the HVAC technician so much I accepted a date with him

I had just gotten to work and was changing clothes so I could start doing my rounds.

I am a nurse at the general hospital, and I love my job. We had air quality issues at the doctor’s lounge. We had notified the maintenance department, which, to my knowledge, had scheduled a session with the HVAC professionals from the local home service company. We kept away from the lounge for a few days because it was also very stuffy, apart from being sweltering. Around midday, the HVAC technicians came to fix the HVAC equipment. The broken down HVAC unit needed an urgent fix because it would start affecting the whole-home air purification unit that serves the entire hospital. They were working on the vents doing the duct cleaning when I passed by on my way to process my patient’s checkout documents. He was up a ladder holding what looked like new air filters. I almost bumped into a colleague because I was staring at this beautiful man. He was in his work clothes, and he looked terrific. I kept checking if they were done fixing the air purification system so that I could talk to him. Right then, we received an accident victim and had to attend to him, which took my mind off the handsome air purification professional. After stabilizing the accident victim, I walked to the changing room to get out of my blood-soaked clothes when he tapped me on my shoulder. We chatted a bit before he asked for my number, and I gladly gave it. He then proceeded to the maintenance room. He gave the head maintenance person the air purification help that would maintain the optimal function of the intelligent HVAC and maintain good indoor air quality.



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