Indoor air quality is very pressing

I’ve been around for 55 years now, I still find out new things on a daily basis; I don’t really count the time I spend in the commercial air conditioner plus heating system at work, to me, an office is a venue of never-ending education.

I know that if I want to keep succeeding, I need to keep learning and growing, but still, there are several topics about which I feel I should know more.

In recent times, I’ve come to care about the significance of having a healthy indoor environment. This is also because my loving wife plus I recently moved in together. I was finally wondering if I would ever marry again after my first partner however here I am, engaged to a lovely woman! My own soon-to-be partner taught me everything I know about heating as well as air conditioning plus indoor air quality. That’s also why I made it a biweekly habit to wash or substitute the air filter, however, the low-quality air filter I had been using in the heating as well as air conditioning system was completely ineffective. Its only purpose was to protect the heating as well as air conditioning equipment… As soon as she entered my life, my buddy and I switched to a HEPA filter. This change greatly made my life better. The cool air plus the comprehension she brought me were just nothing less than perfection. There are also several other things I need to learn in life. However, now instead of taking on this journey alone in my mid-50s, I’ll have a lady that will join me, then with a better air quality system at work plus at home, I plan on living for another 55 years.

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