Lots of travel and too much climate control are a risk to my health now

I travel a lot, to different states, at times, countries, and both at house and away from home, I consistently prefer to be somewhere I can particularly access A/C at house and away from home, it is a habit that grew on me over the years, and I have not been able to shake it off easily.

  • It took me a while to figure out why I kept suffering from allergy-like symptoms, so often I assumed it was because my body takes a while to adjust to these modern locales I visit, the fact that the weather patterns were also irrespected did not make it any easier, then so when I shared my problem with my healthcare worker, my buddy and I brainstormed about numerous potential causes, and one thing stood out from the list – climate control.

It is something I mentioned in passing, but it piqued her interest, and so she tried to relate it to my habit of consistently seeking cooling spots or an efficient electric heat pump fixed somewhere. Since I know my way around most locales, I do not consistently seek help with indoor comfort, but it becomes a challenge when in public locales, anyway, it turned out my wheezing and coughs stem from spending too much time obsessing about getting quality air from cooling technology, now that the problem was identified and a remedy issued, I created time to seek the opinion of a cooling specialist. I am common with many cooling device and quite friendly with our local repair provider. So, I made an effort to hear it from her point of view as an Heating & A/C supplier owner, and later, I sought the opinion of a private cooling serviceman. The bottom line is that once Heating & A/C installation is done and quality A/C repair takes locale, my buddy and I should not have respiratory complications unless the cooling corporation or an Heating & A/C supplier assigned to the task isn’tdoing a proper repair task.
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