Am I motivated to workout? Not always

However, the majority of workouts are rewarding

Each afternoon, I workout first thing in the morning, but i am committed to my physical fitness, my health plus my overall well-being. I know that keeping myself in shape requires dedication plus work. I benefit from these efforts by feeling energized, maintaining a correct weight plus avoiding big health problems, and while my peers have undergone numerous surgeries plus are required to use a variety of prescription medications, I strictly see the doctor for an annual check-up plus take nothing except natural vitamins. I’ve observed that numerous of my friends have slowed down plus been forced to stop doing hobbies they enjoy. I still take my kayak out on the lake, ride my bike, hike, play tennis plus tackle household improvements and other projects. I prefer gardening, traveling plus playing with my grandkids, however, I am not always eager to do the exercise; There are evenings of insomnia that result in my feeling exhausted in the morning. I sometimes wake up with a headache, stiff joints or sore muscles. There are busy afternoons when I can’t find enough time in my daily schedule to accomplish everything. No matter the excuses, I never skip a workout. I know how easy it would be to fall out of the habit; My exercise sessions are a priority. Not each workout is satisfying or maximizes potential benefits. I can sometimes use metal music to get myself motivated. I can frequently get inspired by following along with a workout video or an exercise app on the cellphone. Now plus then I go for a legitimately slow run or devote a lot of time to my warm up, stretching out plus cooling down. However, the majority of workouts are rewarding. I get my heart pumping, toil my lungs plus manage to get sweaty plus out of breath. I push myself harder to to be stronger, faster plus have more stamina.

Training methods