Alice needed urgent shingle roof repair

I bought this house with an old roof on it, and opted to pay for roofing replacement

Alice and I first met when we were attending an interview for the company we work for. That was about a decade ago, and has become quite close. Time flies and I can’t believe how young we were as we started our careers. This was the first job I got after graduating from college, and I think it is time for change. Most career experts advice professionals to move to different companies after 5 to 6 years. This gives you a chance to improve on your skills and see new opportunities. But, I guess our boss has kept us so happy and comfortable that we realized it was now a decade since we started working in the company. Alive and I were out for drinks when we started speaking about this and stating perhaps it is time to move on. This is when she told me she was going to wait perhaps a year because she was having roofing issues. Her home has a shingle roof and she needed urgent shingle roof repair. Alice had hired a roofing contractor to inspect her shingle roofing and he found a few issues that she needed to address. However, shingle roofing repair isn’t cheap, and neither is shingle roof replacement. After weighing options Alice opted to do shingle roofing repair, and this costs money. So, she won’t quit her job now and I understood her reason perfectly. I had previously gotten a new roof installed in my home, and that was one of the most expensive projects to do. I bought this house with an old roof on it, and opted to pay for roofing replacement. That drained almost half my savings, but I was happy with the results from the roofing company.

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