Honey for sale close to me

Sometimes the local farmers will set up a stand nearby and have honey for sale. I have always loved honey, and a lot of these farmers are beekeepers too. They offer a wide variety of different fruits, vegetables and different kinds of honey. I will admit, I was quite curious when I saw they had around 5 different types of honey there. I really only have tried one or two flavors, so I was curious to try more. I visited the stand and waited in line, thankfully they allowed you to taste test the flavors first. I tried all 5 different flavors, and I ended up buying two different jars. While I was buying the jars, I ended up talking to the beekeeper, he talked about how they do commercial bee removal and residential bee removal, and that is where they get a majority of their honey bees from. Instead of having the honey bees killed, they offer honey bee help by moving them to a honey farm and harvesting their honey. This sounds like a great idea, and a great way to protect our environment. I am glad that my money is going towards helping them help our environment and I get delicious honey out of it as well! I can’t wait to start adding some of this honey to my many recipes. One of my favorites is honey toast, it just tastes so delicious! My breakfast this morning is going to be great, I will have to share some with my friends.