My job is consistently uncomfortable regardless of the season

In the Summer I have to use a fan blowing across my face throughout my entire shift

I should be mad working in an office considering I used to be in a warehouse. I was in a shipping fulfillment center where I spent my entire shift taking items and putting them in boxes to send to shoppers. There were times when the heat or the air conditioning wasn’t even working inside the warehouse. My buddy and I were also encouraged to use bottles for urination instead of entirely taking a quick split to head to the restroom. It’s no surprise to me that this dealer has been in the news over the last few years regarding work or strikes and attempts to unionize. I undoubtedly hope that the people working there now are successful with these endeavors. I am looking now that I am working in an office, but I still find things to complain about. The thing I don’t like about this office is the fact that it’s consistently uncomfortable inside regardless of the season in the weather. The winter the furnace is never running tepid enough so I have to bring a jacket or I start to shiver at my desk. Then we get to the Summer season where the air conditioning is never cool enough so that I am feeling like I am about ready to sweat at my desk. In the Summer I have to use a fan blowing across my face throughout my entire shift. I just wish that my job would upgrade the Heating and Air Conditioning systems so that the indoor air is tolerable. I would have a lot less to complain about with comfortable indoor temperatures. I wish they would take some of their profits and invest them in heating and cooling systems that entirely work.


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