My last wifey had odd temperature preferences at night

I truthfully have not had that various wifeys in my lifetime… I started seeing my first wifey when I was still in university, and we ended up chopping up about a year after graduation, and my second wifey started seeing me when I was only 25.

My buddy and I dated for 3 years before we finally started to drift apart.

I was the one who ended up chopping up that relationship once we both weren’t happy any longer. However, it wasn’t for nothing because I learned a little bit about myself while dating that guy, and it allowed me to focus my efforts on finding an even better relationship the next time. However, my most recent relationship ended as well after a few years of drifting apart, but the last wifey had problems with my temperature preferences at night. She likes to sleep in a hot property with just a sheet on the bed, while I like to sleep in a chilly property with heavy blankets. She would always complain whenever she was staying over at my apartment, and after months of this, I decided I couldn’t take it any longer. She was consistently asking me to turn the air conditioning down in my apartment when she was there, but now I am looking for a new partner who shares my same temperature preferences. I suppose this is a undoubtedly pressing aspect of any loving relationship. A lot of times couples don’t get along when it comes to Heating and Air Conditioning temperature preferences. It’d be undoubtedly nice to find a girl who also wants the air conditioning turned on low at night with the hot blankets on the bed. Is it so much to ask?

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