I was actually getting used to the tremendous heat in our area

When you live in constant heat, you begin to get used to it as time goes by.

Sometimes, you don’t even notice that it’s hot anymore, you just become completely adjusted. When I first moved into my current state, I was not used to the severely hot weather, it took me a while to get used to everything. But those first couple of weeks were fairly tough to get through. Especially during the night time hours. Even though it cools down a fairly good amount at night, it was tough to sleep due to the intense temperatures. Your body naturally sleeps considerably better at cooler temperatures. But like I was talking about before, you do get used to it after some time. When I married my current wife, she lived in cool and mild temperatures her entire life, and so moving for her was actually a terribly difficult adjustment. She kept grumbling about how miserable the temperatures were, and how she was regularly needing to mess with the a/c settings. The a/c equipment I had gotten used to keeping it turned off, and so I did not use the cooling equipment all that often. But because my wife kept grumbling, I turned the cooling component on for a few hours in the afternoon, which helped her out. But like me, I knew she was eventually just going to have to get used to the heat in the area. Her suffering brought back some interesting memories of my own angry hot nights, and I am cheerful I am used to everything these days. It almost feels weird to have a cool property once you are used to the crazy heat.

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