Air filter hadn’t been changed in months

Geez, it was hotter than a jalapeño in July when I decided to crank up the air conditioner.

  • But when I hit the switch, I heard this sizable thump plus then a hiss.

I rushed over to the unit and it looked like the pipes were frozen solid. I was totally freaking out, so I called up the heating plus cooling men and they sent over an A/C worker. This guy was a tall, skinny fella with a sizable mustache that looked like it was about to freeze over too. He took one look at the air conditioner and shook his head like it was gonna be a total disaster. I watched as he started fiddling with it and muttering under his breath. He pulled out the air filter and gave me this disgusted look. “When’s the last time you changed this thing?” he asked me. I was like, “I dunno, a few weeks ago maybe?” He repeated my answer like I was the dumbest lady he’d ever met. “A few weeks ago? This thing is clogged up with dirt plus dust, no wonder the pipes froze.” I felt like a total idiot for not changing the dang air filter more often. The worker kept tinkering with the A/C unit and cursing under his breath. It was apparent he was having a rough day. After a couple of minutes, he finally got the air conditioner working again. As he was getting ready to leave, I asked him how much I owed him. He just grinned and said, “Twenty bucks plus a promise to change your air filter more often.” I was also pretty relieved to be getting out of the city soon where the below uneven temperatures outside won’t be an issue. I might even have to stop by Aunt Lucy’s location for some of her famous hot cocoa.

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