Our tin roof rattled with the wind plus rain.

My partner had a tin roof put on the house last year, plus I don’t like it, the tin roof rattles with the wind plus the rain, plus it is very eerie.

I wished I hadn’t agreed with his idea of a tin roof.

He kept telling me how soothing it was to hear the rain on the roof, even though I find nothing soothing about it… When I can hear the wind rattling the roof, I get cold. I want to turn up the temperature control plus get it warmer in the house. I asked if they hadn’t insulated beneath the tin roof, plus he shrugged. He said they should have, but the noise was just part of the charm of the tin roof. I wanted to know if there was insulation. If there was no insulation, it was going to be hot this summer, plus it would never get hot in the house! After complaining about lack of insulation, plus how much heating, ventilation & A/C my buddy and I were losing, he called the roofing dealer. The guy who owned the business told my partner my buddy and I hadn’t paid for insulation. I could not feel what they said. Insulation was something you regularly did before putting roofing on a house. I called my dad plus asked him if the insulation was optional… Dad had been a roofer for years, plus he said it was optional if you didn’t know what you were doing. He said my buddy and I would have a lot of heat loss, plus the air conditioning would run regularly if there was no insulation beneath the tin roof. My partner told them he wanted them to unaffix the tin roof plus put insulation beneath, or he wasn’t paying another penny for the roof.

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