There were HVAC workers on top of the roof yesterday

There were HVAC workers on top of the roof yesterday when I went outside after work.

At first, I did not see them.

Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye . When I first saw a bunch of guys scurrying around up there, it kind of startled me. You just aren’t used to seeing people scrambling around up on top of the roof. The building that I work in is pretty tall, and so they looked like little tiny guys up there wandering around among the big commercial heating and cooling systems. Then I looked around in the parking lot and I noticed the HVAC maintenance trucks parked down there. That’s when it all started to make sense. We had been having some issues with the heating and cooling system inside of the building for the past few days, and I was happy to see that someone from building maintenance had finally called in a professional HVAC company to come and look at it. Sometimes it seems like they put things off until they absolutely have to call someone. I remember back in the summer, that was the case with the air conditioning system. Everyone in the building was sweltering, and the weather outside was super hot. However, nobody seemed to care about that fact in management! We finally had to band together and bring our complaints to the building management before they finally called someone to come and fix the central air conditioning. At least now they are being a little bit proactive with the problem.


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