There was such a draft, the furnace couldn't keep up.

We knew we needed to do a lot of work on the house when we moved in.

We bought a fixer-upper, wanting to remodel the house to suit our needs.

We didn’t think the work would need to be done as soon as we moved in, or we would have waited to move in the following spring. There was such a draft that went through the house, you would have thought the wind was blowing inside instead of outside. We realized there was no insulation in the walls, and the furnace couldn’t keep up with it. Within two months, we had to have work done on the furnace, but the repairs would not make much difference until we had the walls insulated, and the windows replaced. The price of oil had risen drastically, and our entire budget was being spent on fuel for the furnace. My husband and I talked about calling a contractor and having them install insulation in the house, and moving into an apartment while the windows were being replaced. We needed insulation throughout the entire house, new doors, and new windows. We couldn’t afford an apartment. My mother called and asked how the house was, and I burst out crying. I told her the furnace was running constantly, and it was still cold in the house. I worried about what was going to happen in the summer with the air conditioning. She invited my husband and I to stay with her while the work was being done. At least we had excellent heating and air conditioning for the next five months.
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