When do you prepare the AC unit for summer?

Being a first-time homeowner, I knew very little about home maintenance.

My parents had always rented their home, because dad didn’t enjoy doing home maintenance.

He said that as long as they rented, the landlord would always be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. I wanted to own my home. I remember times when the landlord would walk into the house unannounced so he could make sure the house was clean. He would often call and tell dad he was thinking of selling the house, just to see what dad’s reaction would be. I didn’t want to live this way. I wanted to be in control of my home, and not have anyone telling me what I could or could not do while living there. Mom and dad almost got evicted one year because they had a New Year’s Eve party the landlord hadn’t okayed. My only problem with being a first-time homeowner and always living in a rental home was that I knew nothing about home maintenance. I had to count on professional to do all the upkeep. My biggest question was when do you prepare the AC unit for summer, and the furnace for winter? I didn’t want to go without air conditioning or a furnace. I called the HVAC company, and they sent me information to read that told all about preparedness for poor weather. It talked about inspections for the HVAC system. It also had an application if I wanted to sign up for a maintenance and repair plan. I’ll be spending some time reading the paperwork and checking out the HVAC website.

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