Electric furnace is a great thing

I ran into this Italian girl this morning yet again. I think she is new in town and I keep seeing her here and there. The only problem with talking to her is she speaks no English. I saw her this morning when I was going to go for a swim and spoke a bit to her in Spanish, but my Spanish is pretty limited so there wasn’t much to say. This is the problem I am having trying to meet a lady in this town, my Spanish is the same level as a three year old kid. The local business offers free classes in Spanish, but I am so unmotivated to learn the language that I keep putting it off and end up just sitting at home alone with my air purifier keeping me company. I guess it will reach the point where I am alone for so long that I either break down and learn the language, or just give up totally on trying to meet someone or learn the language. I had my oil furnace repaired the other day and could hardly tell the HVAC tech what the problem was. I guess if I had something to motivate me to learn the language I could do so, but so far I have just been putting it off for many years. I am going to turn on my radiant heated floors now because my feet are so cold they are numb, and that is even with having them next to a space heater trying to warm them up a bit.