Sore throat and hot furnaces

I have had a sore throat from allergies for six days now and I think it should be going away pretty soon. The weather has been really windy lately and a lot of dust and pollen got stirred up in this town and made my allergies come back. At least now I have more energy than when it started last Friday, which is probably because I started taking allergy medicine. I normally don’t have any allergies like this, but when the wind blows really hard like it has been it can stir up a lot of allergies again. The local business sells medicine at a pretty good price and they have a nice space heater in the waiting area to keep everyone warm. I like to hang out there and talk with the people working in the place because they are some really nice people. I went there last year because they had a fireplace in the front room that you could sit next to, which was great for heating yourself up on those cold winter days. So today I am going to get my work done and meet my friend at 1pm to do a short workout routine. Then I will come home and get more of my work done around the house, which is mainly going to be doing my yoga routine and cooking a good eggplant parmesan dinner for my flatmate and I. She works at the HVAC company where I work and we both do a lot of ductless HVAC sales to the people in town.

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