A warm furnace and a good book

I was just listening to that song called The Safety Dance and wondering how the band felt with having just one popular song, which also came out on their first album.

How do you do a concert tour with only one song that people want to hear? I always wondered how that works, do you play all of your lame songs first and save the good song for the last? The concert venue would probably empty out if you played it at the very start of the show.

I don’t think I would want just one hit. My heating company owner had a good hit with his band but they never got anywhere except playing around in local businesses and clubs. I would like to release an album once we have about ten good songs. My local contractor friend told me to release an album now, but I want to make more songs and keep working at the HVAC company for another year till we feel we have some really good songs for an album. We have about five or six good songs right now, so I think with some hard work over the next several months we can get a few more good ones. The heating and cooling company had us do a show there at the store a few months ago and people seemed to like the music a lot. But I still think we can do better, so we will keep working on new ones and have some patience. I’ll just do my ductwork cleaning work for the new contractor and keep on going.

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