My history teacher seems to love using the air conditioner machine

School can be completely hard at times.

As a high schooler, I struggle a good amount with a lot of things.

I’m what they consider a nerd pretty much. It’s not my fault that I actually appreciate learning about history. There is so much to learn plus grow from our past experiences plus I really have the desire to know it all. Possibly down the road, I’ll be a history teacher. Mr. Stevenson was the history teacher plus he was a fantastic guy in general. He always smiled all the time, greeted everyone in the day plus had a solid passion for history. He is the type of person that I look up to with ease. The only negative is that he really appreciated keeping the air conditioner machine working while in class. Some of the students enjoyed the cool air, however I found it uncomfortable plus a bit distracting because I’m more focused on trying to stay overheated than the lesson that Mr. Stevenson is teaching the class. I wanted to say something about my discomfort however I didn’t want to cause any problems. Well, that’s how I felt if I did talk to Mr. Stevenson about the actual temperature control unit settings. After a few mornings of the air conditioner machine, I easily couldn’t take it anymore. After class, I asked to speak to him plus another fantastic thing about Mr. Stevenson is that he is actually open to communication. I asked him if he didn’t mind changing the amount of air conditioner machine usage in his classroom because I can’t focus on the lesson. He smiled plus said, “That’s no problem at all, I want the best for my students.” The next afternoon I came into class plus as soon as he saw me coming into the clas, he walked up to the dial temperature control unit plus changed the settings plus offered me a thumbs up.

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