The A/C froze up in the house during the summer

The A/C in our house froze up during the summer at our house.

This was actually one of the worst things that has ever happened to me at my house during the summer. I am not one of those people who is able to live without central air conditioning for any length of time at all. Actually I have a medical condition that makes me swell up around my joints if I get overheated. Having a central air conditioning that is in good working order is very important to me and my health. Not only that, but having great indoor air quality inside of my house is also really important to me and my family. I have a child that has asthma and other respiratory issues and so having good indoor air quality is super important for us. Anyway, during the summer, we were having a really hot spell. The weather had just not been cooperating very well around here and the temperature just kept going up and up. We were running the central air conditioning just about all the time, and one day, we noticed that even though that air conditioning was on, the house was not cooling down like you should have been. I checked the thermostat, and sure enough the temperature on the digital programmable thermostat was going up, not down! We weren’t really sure what the problem was, so my husband called a friend of his who is a heating and cooling technician. He told us over the phone what he thought the problem was and he also told us how to fix it!


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