There is a whole lot of fur on the air filter

I am what they call a “cat lady.” It’s a term I particularly don’t appreciate, however it’s how things are and I can’t say that I don’t like being called that.

I love cats plus I have 5 myself.

If I could, I would open up a cat sanctuary however I don’t have the funds to start something like that to be honest. My cats strangely enough are from the same litter. I used to have a couple more, but the mother plus father of the cats passed away. I still miss that pair of cats however they left me a life full of love for the litter that is with me. The only problem I have is that I have to consistently vacuum plus dust in my place. Their cat fur isn’t the joy of my life plus periodically it gets into certain spots that bother me. For instance, I suppose I washed my dishes entirely however with them drying there is cat fur everywhere on them. Not long ago, I had some troubles with my heating machine. I had to call the Heating & Air Conditioning machine supplier because the fall now is bringing in cooler hot plus cold temperatures plus eventually the frigid months will be here. They sent out a heating plus cooling machine expert by the name of John. The guy wasn’t a cat person plus you can see that he felt pretty uncomfortable when he was at my residence. John still did his task plus did a careful examination of my Heating & Air Conditioning machine. It didn’t take him long though as he said the air filters were pretty clogged with cat fur. He said if I’m going to keep all these cats then my associate and I will have to do proper maintenance on the air filters to make sure that my Heating & Air Conditioning machine continues to run in proper order. He told me about a store that sells air filters plus how to upgrade them. Although this first visit cost me a small amount of money, at least going forward I will be able to change the air filters when needed.

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