Don’t ever tell my husband Dan that he’s a great HVAC technician

Don’t ever tell my husband Dan that he’s a great HVAC technician. He gets so struck on himself that he’s impossible to even live with a lot of the time. I always make fun of him and tell him that his head won’t fit in the doorframe. He says that’s not true, but I guarantee that it is. He’s so annoying whenever he gets something in his head like the fact that he is the world’s greatest HVAC technician. I mean, he actually is a great HVAC technician, but he’s pretty conceited about the fact and that means that he’s annoying about it too. I love my husband and he really is one of the best HVAC technicians in town. He’s been working at the same HVAC company for the past five years now, and everyone is always telling him that he is one of the greatest HVAC technicians that they have ever had. He always gets compliments from his customers, whether they are residential or commercial customers. Not only that, but he always wins the award for top sales and for best HVAC technician at his company. I think that all of this positive reinforcement is good for him, but it also goes to his head sometimes, too. I think that he’s a little bit annoying when it comes right down to it. I always tell people that they should not ever tell Dan that he’s good at his job. He already knows it and talking to him about it can only make the way that he acts even worse.

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