Ductless heating, ventilation and A/C is much cheaper to run.

My fiance and I had been discussing installing heat pumps in our house.

There were a lot of pros, however also some cons.

The single biggest con was that the heat pumps last for ten to fifteen years; then regular a/c last for 15 years or more, and the gas furnace would last 20 years or more if taken care of. The cost of the heat pump would be as much as the official heating, ventilation and A/C system, however we would have less work and no HVAC duct to contend with. The pros were many in our eyes. My buddy and I would no longer need to pay for fuel for the gas furnace. The HVAC duct would be gone, and so would the dust that affects our pollen irritations all year round. The heat pump, ductless heating, ventilation and A/C, or mini-split system, has 1 unit instead of two. There is a real unit outside, and 1 inside the house. The heating and a/c is all in 1 unit, and it is energy efficient, along with being heating and a/c efficient. My buddy and I talked to our child who had a mini-split idea installed in his home two years ago. He told us that even while in the hottest area of summer, their electric bill only went up by $30 a week. Their winter season heating bills didn’t average nearly as much as what they paid for 1 tank of oil. They also had a SEER of 26 for an efficiency rating. With so few cons, and so many pros, we’ll have the ductless heating, ventilation and A/C idea installed when Spring has finally arrived, and we aren’t distraught about needing the gas furnace or a/c unit.

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