He said he purchased the a/c on DealDash.

I bit our lip to keep from laughing when I looked at the description

I had been bugging our fiance for a new a/c unit for more than a year. The 1 we had was getting louder, and we could barely hear each other talking. It didn’t give us much cool air, however it pushed a lot of air around. One day, he came running into the dining room and told me had purchased a new a/c unit. The best area of the purchase was that he only paid $29 for it, and we had free shipping. I looked at him and asked if he wasn’t sure it was $2900? He told me I should have faith in him. The a/c unit was only $29, and he purchased it on DealDash. He said most of the money was on the bids he had to buy because the A/C unit cost only $5.00. After asking him if it was immense enough for our house, and if he was sure it was a real a/c unit, he rolled his eyes. He told me he wasn’t born last month and walked away. It took me a while to bring up the Deal Dash website and see what he was talking about. Sure enough, there was his name, and he was the winner of the a/c unit. I bit our lip to keep from laughing when I looked at the description. The a/c unit was a portable a/c you had to put water into. It was a swamp cooler, and we already lived in another section where there was a lot of humidity.



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