My brother asked how much I knew about heating, ventilation and A/C?

My brother was given an assignment, and it was to write a 2500 page report on new technology; and he had been the lucky 1 to draw heating, ventilation and A/C out of the hat.

He came to me and asked how much I knew about heating, ventilation and A/C? I laughed at him, but Jack knew I was an actual heating, ventilation and A/C serviceman, so I was sure I knew a lot.

When he told me about his assignment, I laughed. He was the 1 who was supposed to be writing the paper, however he was trying to enlist me to do it for him, but i asked him if it was going to affect his grades with me writing the paper, then laughter ensued when he said it would absolutely affect his grade. He was hoping they would go up a few points, and after talking about what he wanted in the paper, I took some notes, then twenty-five hundred words wasn’t truly many words to explain all about new heating, ventilation and A/C, however I was going to give it a shot. When he got to the lake home that day, I was already at the lake home from work, and he asked how much I had gotten done on the paper. I gave him the rough copy, and he seemed okay with it. He took it to school the next day and gave it to the professor and explained it was a rough copy, however this was his idea. The professor frowned and told him he should do more work; Most of the information on this paper was wrong. He needed to do some more research and get facts about new heating, ventilation and A/C and not just some dribble he made up. The professor knew truly little about residential heating, ventilation and A/C.



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