Cooling service repaid in cash and kind

Life as a professional in the cooling industry has been filled with new and different experiences.

Some are not as great, but most have left sweet memories for my team and me.

I have worked at the cooling corporation for seven years, and each day brings new and unique experiences. We have seasons where work is low and receive fewer calls than in other seasons. One of the lowest seasons is in the first few weeks of spring. Last week, we received a call where a customer who wanted their quality air conditioner replaced because it was old, and she thought it would soon stop functioning. Before we replace any cooling unit, we always run comprehensive air conditioning maintenance to ensure that nothing more can be done to improve the unit. After confirming the replacement, we ordered a new mini-split air conditioner per the customer’s wishes. Since we knew more about air conditioning, we understood the kind of HVAC equipment the customer wanted, and from our experience with cooling tech, we knew just the unit to help with indoor comfort. The lady was impressed by our efficiency and teamwork. She was making something that smelled exquisite. As we continued with the air conditioner installation, I remembered I knew what was producing the aroma from the kitchen. It was my favorite meal, Lasagna. We installed the thermostat, and the senior cooling representative took the customer’s son through how to schedule air conditioning repairs to keep the unit functioning optimally and maintain the air quality. After we were done, the cooling specialist team later sat down for lunch, and lunch was terrific. I raved about this Lasagna for the following days and even called to thank the lady.

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