Working together with the live of my life in the cooling business

My fiance and I met at the training program at the local institution.

We were both training to be qualified cooling representatives.

When we aced the training program and topped the class, we got an offer from the popularly known cooling corporation. We were posted in different teams, but we both did the same thing- help with indoor comfort. We sometimes found ourselves in the same team while doing offsite jobs. We both enjoyed being in the cooling industry and working together. We gradually became a force to be reckoned with at the cooling company. One day when we were at a friend’s house for a lunch party, her mini split air conditioner broke down. It was a holiday weekend which meant that most companies were closed, and it would be almost impossible to get a cooling tech down to the house to work on the air conditioner as soon as possible. My fiance and I offered to examine the equipment in an attempt at air conditioning repair. We established the issue; fortunately, fixing it would not take long or much effort. Air conditioning maintenance had become second nature to us. The host joked about how he would pay in kind for the work. We requested a chocolate cake for dessert. She was not kidding because as soon as we said that, she adorned her apron and started baking. The other guests asked us more about air conditioning once we fixed the quality air conditioner. When the HVAC equipment rumbled to life, we all unconsciously clapped. We enjoyed the rest of the party with restored quality comfort. I love my job as a cooling specialist because of the smile I put on people’s faces. It is also an added advantage when working with the love of your life. After a year, however, I moved to a different company.

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