Becoming an HVAC Pro was a Very Good Choice for Me

I’m so ecstatic that I became an HVAC professional instead of an architect.

I always used to think that I wanted to go to college to become an architect once I finished with high college, and I had a complete plan for this.

My parents were both completely on board with my plan, and they both supported me. They really wanted me to become an architect also, and so that kind of played into my plans. I always was one of those people who wanted to please my parents, and so when they said I should go to architecture college I believed them. Well, this plan went as well as expected, up until it didn’t. I did not even realize that I was interested in becoming an HVAC professional until an acquaintance of mine told me that he was going to a local technical college to get his HVAC certification. When he told me about the classes and how long it was going to take him I started researching it myself. It turned out that I was interested in becoming an HVAC professional myself. I thought that everything seemed really interesting and I started to feel that maybe it was the right move for me. It still had to do with buildings, but it wasn’t going to cost me a bunch of money to go to college, and it still seemed really interesting to me. Now, years later, I am so ecstatic that I decided to go the HVAC professional route instead of the architecture path. I’m really ecstatic with my work and with the HVAC corporation where I work and I’m grateful for my acquaintance pointing me in this direction all those years ago.


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