He is living with a split in his roof

Everybody has that one trashy friend, then my acquaintance is Tommy & he doesn’t undoubtedly take care of himself or his home; The guy never wants to work & is consistently leaving things unfinished, he has tons of cars & motorcycles in various conditions.

They aren’t fully operational ever.

His dwelling looks like he has tried remodeling & given up; If anything breaks, that is it for him! Recently I went over to his site & saw that he had a large hole in his roof. It was large enough that I could have walked on the roof & jumped through the hole into his living room. How did Tommy repair it? He simply put a tarp & high grade tape to keep it in site, then so the heating system is running with a flimsy tarp; When it rains a bit of water leaks in. I told my acquaintance he is making things worse. The heating system is going to overwork itself & quit. Then he will need a new heater. That water leaking in will disfigurement the flooring & require new wood floors put down. Moisture from the AC & summer time heat will create condensation in his dwelling pretty soon. They he will have mold & drywall disfigurement. He might even attract bugs & critters, however just call a roofing corporation & get it fixed! I know he doesn’t have a lot of money, but he could simply go to work & then pay for his new roof. I feel it is necessary at this point. Having that large of a hole is a mistake.


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