He is living with a hole in his roof

Everybody has that one trashy friend.

My buddy is Tommy and he doesn’t really take care of himself or his home.

The guy never wants to work and is constantly leaving things unfinished. He has tons of cars and motorcycles in various conditions. They aren’t fully operational ever. His home looks like he has tried remodeling and given up. If anything breaks, that is it for him. Recently I went over to his place and saw that he had a giant hole in his roof. It was large enough that I could have walked on the roof and jumped through the hole into his living room. How did Tommy fix it? He simply put a tarp and high grade tape to keep it in place. So the heater is running with a flimsy tarp. When it rains a bit of water leaks in. I told my friend he is making things worse. The heater is going to overwork itself and quit. Then he will need a new heater. That water leaking in will damage the flooring and require new wood floors put down. Moisture from the AC and summer heat will create condensation in his home pretty soon. They he will have mold and drywall damage. He might even attract bugs and animals. Just call a roofing business and get it fixed! I know he doesn’t have a lot of money, but he could simply go to work and then pay for his new roof. I feel it is necessary at this point. Having that big of a hole is a mistake.



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