I Won a Really Cool Thing by Calling to the Radio Station

I was the right caller for a stereo contest and I ended up winning an HVAC unit from one of the local HVAC companies here in our city.

They were doing this contest on the local stereo station, and they had been advertising the contest for weeks and weeks.

Since that is the station that we listen to at work all the time, I must have heard the advertisement for the call-in contest a couple of hundred times over a more than two month timeframe. They were talking about the HVAC contest literally all the time on the stereo, and so it was not really surprising that I started looking forward to the morning when they were going to be giving away their grand prize. They had multiple prizes for the contest and all of them were coming from the HVAC business. One prize was a year-long subscription to their heating and cooling maintenance program, and that was the prize that I thought would be really cool to win. I always put off getting my heating and cooling plan maintained the way that I should, and so I thought that if I had a free maintenance program through the HVAC business, I would really have no excuse to let that go. Well, it turned out that I just so happened to be the right caller to be the winner of a prize, but it was the grand prize. I realized abruptly that if I took the grand prize instead, I wouldn’t need a maintenance program for a couple of years because I would get a brand new HVAC plan that would be so much better than my existing one.

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