The teacher accidentally turned up the furnace

My teacher, Mr.

  • Smith, was clumsy.

One day, during a particularly cold winter day, he accidentally turned the furnace up instead of down in his classroom. At first, the students did not notice anything strange. They were too busy taking notes and chatting with each other. But then, as the class progressed, the room started to get warmer. The students began to remove their blazers and jackets, wondering why it so quickly felt like they were kneeling in a sauna. They wiped the sweat from their brows and fanned themselves with their textbooks. Mr. Smith went about his lesson, ignorant to the fact that he had turned the heat up way too high. Soon enough, the students’ faces were flush. They were panting, desperate for some relief. For some, dizziness came on from the heat. They tried to raise their hands to tell Mr. Smith something was wrong, but their arms felt like they were made of lead. It wasn’t until the fire alarm went off that Mr. Smith finally realized his mistake. He rushed to turn the furnace off, but by then, the damage had been done. The students stumbled out of the classroom, frantic for air and drenched in sweat. They covered glasses of water while Mr. Smith hung his head in shame. From that day on, he made sure to double-check the temperature control before class started. The students never forgot the time they almost melted in their seats.



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