My cat spilled water on the air conditioning unit

As I walked into the room, Fluffy meowed apologetically.

One fine hot summer day, my cat, Fluffy, was feeling mischievous. Bored and needing some excitement, she decided to explore the air conditioning unit. Fluffy hopped onto the windowsill and walked over to the unit, sniffing around it curiously. She noticed that there was a glass of water on the windowsill next to the unit, so she decided to investigate. During the inspection, she accidentally knocked it over, spilling water all over the air conditioner! The water dripped down the sides of the unit, causing a different bubbling sound. Fluffy was startled by the noise. She began to panic. She jumped down from the windowsill and circled the room furiously in a frenzy. The air conditioner was now making a loud hissing sound. Fluffy was convinced it was going to explode! She darted under the couch and hid, expecting the worst to happen, but nothing did. The air conditioner continued to hiss and bubble for a few more minutes, before finally settling down. When Fluffy finally emerged from under the couch, she saw the mess she had caused. Water was everywhere, and the air conditioner was no longer working. She felt guilty and ashamed, and knew that she had some explaining to do. As I walked into the room, Fluffy meowed apologetically. She rubbed her head against my leg. I laughed uncontrollably at the crazy mess she had made and forgave her immediately. I appreciate the cool sensation from the air conditioning component, but Fluffy is my world. Now I need to call the HVAC supplier, and hopefully an HVAC professional can solve the issue.