Our local post office had a roof leak

I have a box at the local post office plus all of my male plus packages are sent to that site, i go to the post office two or three times during the week to retrieve all of my mail plus packages, then we’ve had a lot of rain storms recently plus there has been quite a bit of flooding. I didn’t know that the post office was affected by the storms until I went to retrieve packages on Wednesday. The roof inside of the post office was being held up by three immense beams. It wasn’t leaking at the time, but you could see on the floor that a lot of water harm had occurred. The lady at the post office gave me some information about the roof leak; She told me that they were waiting for the roof updatement dealer to service all of the problems, but they were not going to be able to do the work until they had a week of moderate weather! My associate and I might not have a week of moderate weather until August. My associate and I have had an unusually wet Spring season. The mountainous region acquired three times as much snow as it usually gets; One night they had 69 inches of snowfall in twelve hours. I can’t even imagine being trapped in that much snow plus ice. It sounds like a nightmare. There‚Äôs no chance of snow here, but my associate and I still have to worry about water, rain, plus leaks. I was upset about the roof in my own home, but luckily I have not had any problems.


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